ITP is a multi-disciplined agency offering a complete range of services for companies in all industry platforms. We originated in Japan in 1916 and still have our global headquarters there today. Our company grew from the personal desire to do everything possible to help companies flourish and achieve their goals. In 1989, we opened ITP's US headquarters in Los Angeles and haven't looked back since. Our mission is to help you tell your story and communicate your brand values across traditional and digital outlets to your target audience in the most effective and efficient way possible. We serve clients nationwide with offices in Los Angeles, CA and Dallas, TX.


At ITP, we map the route that will guide our clients on their journey to a future that exceeds expectations, steering them through the four phases of our core processes. We believe in humanizing business.


Immersing ourselves in your business enables us to craft the best roadmap possible. We get to understand what you want to experience when we set out on our journey together.


There are many roads to any given destination; for the next step, ITP will plan a route with you. We'll talk about those challenging rough spots and use information and a variety of tools to develop a plan to work through them.


With the benefit of prior planning as well as creativity and the intelligence we've gained from years of experience, we'll surge ahead. With our superior global resources, this part of the journey will be both exciting and satisfying.


We won't rest until you reach the finish line, but we also know that growth is an ongoing goal in business. We'll use metrics to measure the road we traveled and make sure that the view from above is more than satisfactory.


We partner with familiar brands in the industry. They trust ITP with confidentiality and our far-reaching expertise.


ITP has a global network that encompasses 17 offices in 11 countries.

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