Transforming the Coursework

Learn new skills and train your staff with our suite of e-learning tools. These interactive, applications can be web-based or in the form of AR and VR. Whichever option is best for you, we’ll make sure to provide you with a competitive edge and your team get where they need to be. Brush up on your customer service procedures, learn about the latest marketing campaigns in the industry, and improve your knowledge with our must-use tools.


Keeping your team fully informed, technically savvy, and familiar with ongoing campaigns, procedures, and proper customer interactivity is a critical task to maintain fluid internal and external communications. ITP can take your learning curve down to zero through well-designed methodologies and years of experience keeping some of the world’s largest customer-centric corporations up-to-speed and in-the-know.

Admin Tutorials

We’ll design a comprehensive tutorial to ensure that every administrator is an expert user.

Technical Tutorials

We specialize in technical training and can ensure that each detail is conveyed with accuracy.

E-Learning Modules

Interactive online modules are proven to be effective methods of training. We can incorporate video demonstrations and assessments to maximize the outcomes.

AR/VR Training and Learning modules

Learning through virtual reality and augmented reality can transform the educational experience. It can also assist with interpersonal skills and create a safer learning environment.


Let us transform, revitalize, and polish your training program. We pride ourselves not just on our expert knowledge in training but also our marketing, localization, and technical work! Check out the below to see for yourself!